Counseling ABQ

Domestic Violence Classes

Counseling ABQ offers Domestic Violence classes for both offenders and survivors. With individual classes, you are able to schedule with your therapist a time that works for you. Domestic Violence classes are offered online only making it even easier to attend. The goal is to ensure that you can engage in treatment without sacrificing your professional or personal obligations.

Domestic Violence Offender Classes

Domestic violence offender classes will help you look at your past while taking 100% responsibility for your present behaviors. These classes will have you examine your stress levels, how you deal with anger, and how substance abuse may contribute to your poor choices. Likewise, you will look at solutions and how to implement these in your life. You will learn how to change your thinking to eliminate domestic abuse and other tools to make a safe world for yourself and others.

Domestic Violence Survivor Classes

Domestic violence survivor classes will teach you what domestic violence is. Sometimes the things in plain sight are the most hidden from us when we are in the emotional turmoil of it. Counseling ABQ therapists will help you fully recognize the extent of the abuse you have endured. This is necessary so you can learn how to take care of yourself and your children, if you have children. You will learn why people abuse, abusive tactics, and the power and control wheel. Your counselor will help you decide if you want to stay or leave the relationship. If you decide to stay, she will teach you how to develop a safety plan.

Common Questions

 FAQs about Domestic Violence Classes

We are not here to judge or lecture you. If you chose to stay in the relationship, we want to bring you out of the emotional turmoil so you can see things more clearly. If you decide to stay, we will help you stay safe and escape an abusive situation when it occurs.
Yes. Someone being abusive to others in their family need to make a choice to do so. If you are abusive or your partner is abusive, it takes a serious commitment, education about domestic violence, practicing skills and a tremendous amount of effort to change. Moving from having all of the power in a relationship to moving to a relationship of equal respect is a difficult task, but can be done.
Gaslighting is when abusive partners emotionally abuse their partners and cause them to feel like they are responsible for the abuse. People who experience gaslighting may feel confused, anxious, or as though they cannot trust themselves. This often causes the victim to doubt their sanity and feel like they are responsible for the abuse and therefore able to stop it.