Counseling ABQ

Anger Management Classes

Counseling ABQ offers a 12-week anger management program conducted during 1:1 sessions. Most people who attend are NOT court-ordered and have exceptional results when they put the techniques into practice.

In anger management treatment, individualized anger management classes offer a valuable and effective option for individuals seeking comprehensive services. With individual classes, you can schedule with your therapist a time that works for you. Anger management classes are offered online, making it even easier to attend. The goal is to ensure you can engage in treatment without sacrificing your professional or personal obligations.

Anger management will help you understand the messages behind your emotions. As a result, you will learn to express yourself without losing control. It does not mean suppressing your angry feelings. Suppressing feelings is not a healthy option. It will eventually lead to other problems. Anger management does not mean letting people walk all over you.

Anger Management Classes at Counseling ABQ

Some of the topics you will explore in the 12-week program include:

  • The Consequences of Anger
  • Anger Awareness
  • Calming Techniques
  • Judgement and Criticalness
  • Assertive Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Practical Solutions

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Anger Management Classes

You probably already observe how your anger disrupts other parts of your life, including your relationships. Anger management classes can help you develop the self-awareness to accurately see your blind spots and change them for the better. This self-awareness can help you understand the driving factors behind your anger. A professional counselor can often see what you can’t and offer supportive feedback to help you work through issues more quickly and skillfully than you could on your own.
If your spouse or significant other sees a problem you don’t, it may be a blind spot you’ll want to reconsider. Sometimes, it takes a while to appreciate how something is a problem that’s getting in the way of our lives. If you value your relationship, it is worth it to be open to what a therapist has to say and give it a try.
In anger management therapy, you’ll learn coping skills that help you understand what makes you angry and what anger looks like for you. Your therapist might ask questions like:

  • What makes you angry?
  • Is the intensity of your anger appropriate for the situation?
  • Is your anger masking another emotion? Fear? Anxiety? Hurt? Shame? Is it a reaction you learned as a child?
  • How does anger feel in your body?

Then, you’ll work with your therapist to develop coping skills or strategies. These are practical skills and things you can do when you notice that you’re angry. You’ll practice these new skills with your therapist during your therapy session. You’ll want to practice outside your therapy sessions as well.  Let’s face it. We all know how to run, but we don’t enter a marathon without training and practice and think we’re going to run 26.2 miles without problems or even be able to finish.
Counseling ABQ has a 12-week program. Some agencies have classes as long as a year, meeting weekly. It all depends on how much effort you can put into the techniques.

If you don’t see success the first time, you may need to retake the class or find an agency offering a more extended program with more information and techniques. Being diligent in the exercises will increase your chances of success, healthier and happier relationships, and improved mental health.
Of course, and many people do. Once you delve into the program, you may begin to see other aspects of your life and relationships that you’d like to improve. Talk with your therapist, and he or she would happily oblige.