Welcome to Counseling ABQ!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad or depressed?
Do you find yourself frustrated or easily angered?
Do your relationships feel more like an uphill battle?
Does your life lack balance, focus, purpose or joy?
Do you feel misunderstood or not appreciated?
Do you find yourself engaging in unhealthy or self-sabotaging behaviors?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

If so, you are NOT Alone

You Don’t Have to Handle These Problems Alone

We All Need Support At Times

Life can be challenging at times. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, anxious or worried, frustrated, sad or exhausted. It can cause problems in your relationships because you are angry, anxious or depressed. It’s made worse when the people around you don’t seem to understand. Talking to a Counselor is a good way to gain a better understanding and get your life back on track (or make it even better than before)!

You want to feel happy, engaged and excited about your future. Your want to feel understood by those around you and feel capable of handling life’s problems that come your way.

How Counseling ABQ Helps You

Our counseling will help you work through your current or past hurts and take control of your life raise your emotional health and help you heal and manage your personal relationships with family members and other important relationships.

At Counseling ABQ we take the time to listen, connect and communicate in a safe environment and with compassion. We care about your feelings and we work in a partnership with you to help your find your best solutions.

Your Journey Begins With A Single Step.

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life challenges by finding real-life solutions…